Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Exactly is the Value of Offering Free Books in Marketing?

Writer, Melissa Foster, made a valid point a while back by pointing readers to her interesting article on the value of free books in marketing, at World Lit Café.

Svetlana -- Lara Kairos -- contributed another viewpoint to keep in mind.
"Those free brochures and booklets they give out at fairs and events? My husband and I typically end up with a paper pile after visiting an event, but never read 90% of the handouts. Half of the stuff remains stranded in our car until next cleaning, and the other half languishes in the kitchen until the next garbage pickup day. Free promo copies of magazines and catalogs in your mailbox? Ditto."
 Give serious thought to offering free books, except for credible people who will write a book review.

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