Monday, April 10, 2017

IWW Members Share Valuable Information for Writers

Like many other valued members of Internet Writing Workshop who share interesting information to help writers, Elma Schemenauer recently provided the two websites below that impressed her. 

1.) For anyone who feels grammatically challenged, there are short to-the-point grammar lessons at English Grammar 101 under Free Lessons.

Browsing around a bit at English Grammar 101, I found a sign-up form for students to register on a webpage that offered mathematics by grades 1-8. I'm not sure if that means those lessons are free, and you sign up just to track your progress, or if the sign-up is for registering students.

However, English Grammar 101 certainly is an impressive website. One well worth visiting.

2.) Elma also shared the link to an interesting and informative article on Scroll In, that explained 8 reasons why agents and editors may reject even a good book.

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