Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog publicity

Lucky 7!
 I've been tagged by Lynne of Marina Marlee Lucky 7 Meme--thank you, Lynne! This is a fun, social media version of a chain letter for writers.

 So what do I need to do?

1. -- Go to page 77 of my WIP (okay, if I tagged you and you're a blogger, chances are you don't have 77 continuous pages, so pick a 7 of some kind - page 7, paragraph 7 or 77, line 7 or 77, etc and skip to step 3, adjusting as needed - 7 lines, sentences, words, letters...).

2. -- Go to line 7

3. -- Copy the next 7 lines, AS ARE (no cheating, no tweaking, no polishing for any reason at all) and paste them into a blog post (thus here we are) to share with the world

4 -- Tag 7 other authors (including bloggers) (see? it's a chain letter!)

And if you're tagged by me, what do you need to do? Steps 1-4 above!

My 7 lines come from my WIP, Montana Scribbler.When I come across helpful information about any aspect of writing, marketing, publishing, self-publishing I post it. When a writer, author, or member of Internet Writer Workshop (IWW) impresses me, I tout their book(s) and/or writing, and offer to publish their guest blog. Montana Scribbler will remain a WIP until I'm no longer able to write and post. ;0))

Here are my 7 lines:

"Many children are excellent writers and there are markets that publish their manuscripts. The following resources help jump start a youngsters's writing career.

KidPub, Books and stories for kids, by kids since 1995, Free membership required. Visit the FAQ to learn.."

And if you're tagged by me, what do you need to do? Steps 1-4 above!

Now to figure out who my fellow Lucky 7 will be...
Ruth Douillette
Ann Hite
Randi Gunther
Paul Fein

Check out these fellow authors and bloggers - you'll enjoy reading and following them! I do.