Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ageless Authors 65 and Older

Ageless Authors was a website I learned about when a member of Internet Writing Workshop posted a message about their EntryTime for Senior Writing Contest.

Although I've never entered a contest before, I decided to give this third annual Ageless Authors international writing contest for senior writers age 65 and older a try.

Even though there is a $20 entry fee for submissions, this is the only international writing contest exclusively for older writers. Entries are being accepted  through March 15, 2019.

Ageless Authors website has much more than contests where elderly writers can learn a great deal. Chose from the menu bars on the right top corner. Add the website to your bookmarks.

If you're inclined to enter the third annual international writing contest, choose Contests at the top of the website to get the rules and guidelines.

Tip: When you follow the entry rules, be sure to enter the information in the order requested, followed by the manuscript of your entry ~ BEFORE you click send.

ie: Title of the entry
Word count of the entry
Name of entrant
Mailing address of entrant
Email address of entrant
Phone number of entrant
Bio of entrant 

Your Manuscript

As soon as you send it you'll receive a confirmation email. Good luck!