Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Serious Perils in Trusting Your Agent With Your Money

I don't often post this often, however the sooner authors read The Business Rusch: Agents and Money, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, published November 14, 2012, the better. Backed by her experiences plus solid research, Rusch offers excellent advice concerning royalties and agents. Ignore it at your peril.

Innovative Book Promotion

Book promotion, as writers know, must be an ongoing process if they expect to rise to the top in today's competitive marketplace. The following is a classic example of innovation. Rick Bylina has targeted most everyone in his addresses books with his Press Release:


Author Rick Bylina announces the release of two books for November 2012, just in time for holiday shopping season. The first is "All Of Our Secrets," a novel set in the North Carolina piedmont. It is a literary/mystery novel that is getting strong reviews already. The synopsis--His wife's secrets and a relentless cop hinder Bruce Neumanski from establishing his innocence and rebuilding his life after her death. It is inspired by a true-life New Jersey mystery. "All Of Our Secrets" is available on Amazon and via Smashwords for other e-book platforms.

His second release is "Bathroom Reading--Short Stories for Short Visits," This is a collection of sixty-six flash fiction and short stories that can make you cry, laugh, scratch your head, or relieve your constipation in a matter of minutes. "Bathroom Reading" is available exclusively for purchasing or borrowing from the Amazon Kindle Select program for e-books or in paperback from CreateSpace or Amazon. "Bathroom Reading" comes in a 5x8 paperback format and makes a great stocking stuffer for friends and family members who need extra time in the family library.

Additionally, Bylina has updated two previously released novels in the Detective Stark mystery series, "One Promise Too Many" and "A Matter of Faith", to fix issues that often plague self-published authors' first editions. Both books have received glowing reviews. "One Promise Too Many" has been one of the top five rated mystery novels for over a year on the Smashwords site. Both are rated in the high "4s" on Amazon and Goodreads.

To order any of these books in paperback from your local bookstore, call the appropriate store beforehand. The book might not be on the shelf, but all the books are in the appropriate book distribution databases for purchase.

To order books from Amazon:
  • 1. Click HERE and then click on the book you desire.


1. If you buy from Amazon, please do the following:
  • A. Click the "Like" button under the title.
  • B. Scroll down.
  • C. Click appropriate "Tags Customers Associate with This Product".
  • D. Click "yes" on any reviews with which you agree.
  • E. After reading the book, please, please, return and leave a review.
2. If you do write a review, also put it on Goodreads.com.

3. Want the book on another e-book platform, go to SMASHWORDS.
  • A. Enter the title.
  • B. Click, order, and download the book.
  • C. After reading the book, please, please, return and leave a review.
4. Like a book? Have friends, co-workers, family who read? Forward this email.

5. If you can touch me or the Mrs., we have paperbacks for sale.

6. "All of Our Secrets" makes for great book club discussions? Author available.

Thanks in advance for your patronage.
"I'm so excited; I just can't hide it."

-Rick Bylina
"Rick Bylina" anilyb@earthlink.net.
The only rule: writers write! Everything else is a guideline.
NOVELS - One Promise Too Many, A Matter of Faith, and All of Our Secrets
SHORT STORY COLLECTION - Bathroom Reading: Short Stories for Short Visits
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