Sunday, March 16, 2014

Can Writing Your Own Obituary Can Bring Fame ~~ and ~~ Fortune?2

abc7 eyewitness News, WLs-TV Chicago, IL, published a man's self-penned obit ~~ definitely unique and humorous. So of course it's circulating around the Internet and sparking lots of interest

When Rick Bylina, long standing member of Internet Writing Workshop got wind of it he quipped:
"My obit has been up on TWITTER periodically for two years. Not a single comment in reference to it that I remember."
Rest In Prose-Rick Bylina (1953-2054) is currently not online, however readers can enjoy his sense of humor, and much more, at The link is to his bio on Amazon.
- - -
Rick Bylina (1953-2054) was born on a snowy night in New Jersey (or so he was told) and expects to die, "...wailing against that goodnight...," with keyboard in his lap in North Carolina. But for now, he lives with his wife, Carrie, and their 20-year-old cockatiel, Sydney, in the woods near Lake Jordan and the nearby town of Apex, North Carolina.

Ongoing corporate downsizing in the early 21st century convinced him to tap into his passion rather than remain a cog in the corporate wheel. He scribbled any crazy idea that crossed his mind. After gaining discipline, he wrote his debut mystery novel, "One Promise Too Many", the first in a series featuring Detective Roger Stark. Writing happens spontaneously between housework, gardening, cooking, fishing, and wrestling alligators.

Now, Rick has added novels A Matter of Faith and All Of Our Secrets to his Amazon listings. And most recently, he added a collection of short stories, Bathroom Reading--Short Stories for Short Visits. It's his way of helping out others during times of stress by offering his own brand of relief.

What did his future hold when he penned that bio? More political wrangling, he's sure, but also a poetry book, Poems for Platypus, published on April 1, 2013. Upcoming is his next novel in the Detective Stark series, Meteor Magic, whenever he gets his butt in gear. He's also working on several other ideas. The future is wide open.
- - -
Rick says, "I guess I should update it [his bio]. POEMS FOR A PLATYPUS was a #1 bestseller in the Australian market for a week. It was really weird to see my name ahead of Robert Frost and Emily Dickenson."
-Rick Bylina ~~ "The only rule: writers write! Everything else is a guideline."