Saturday, September 29, 2012

Keeping Abreast of Libraries Lending e-Books Controversy

For those of you attempting to keep up with library lending of e-books, here's another viewpoint at The Global Indi Author, Another war is brewing as libraries seek ebook file ownership 

"Strays of Rio" Made Debut on International Day of Peace

Edith Parzefall's social thriller, Strays of Rio, was released on the International Day of Peace, an honor and a responsibility.

Edith said, "Can the cycle of violence be broken? There is a glimmer of hope."

Read Rosalie Skinner's review.

Top Ten Middle Grade Novel Agents Listed

If you're writing or have written a novel for middle grades and are searching for an agent, Darcy Pattison posted this great list of top ten middle grades editors at her website, Fiction Notes.