Thursday, September 3, 2015

Will Your Books Still Be Read 100 Years From Now?

In the left panel on this website, when you scroll the list of writers I admire, you'll see Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She's the author who spells out what to do if you want to be read 100 years from now. I don't recommend these writers lightly.

Each has something worthwhile to impart. Please visit them.

Recently I revisited Kristine's website and scrolled, stopping randomly to re-read an article here and there.

Because Do Want to be Read 100 Years From Now?
is a subject I soapbox about I've included the link to her good advice.

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Let Your Wordprocessor Be Your Dependable Editor

Advice From The Pros contains a chapter titled, Expedient Wordprocessor Functions. It describes tasks no writer who plans to succeed should ignore.

For example: Appropriate grade-level language, submission word limits, redundancy, misspelled words, spacing, grammar, e-mail submissions.

Boost your earning power with the help of your wordproccesor's built-in abilities.

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"A Letter From The Rainmakers Daughter" ~ Another Internet Writing Workshop Member's Success

Chioma iwunze-Ibiam, a member of Internet Writing Workshop, announced another success, Chioma says the achievement was due in large part to help of fellow IWW members.
"I am delighted to announce that my short story, A Letter From The Rainmaker's Daughter has been accepted for the September issue of the new print and online versions of A Long Story Short,This story started as a flash piece in the Practice group about two years ago. Months and months of rewrites, after crits from the Prose List, saw it grow into a short story. I hope you enjoy reading it"
Best Regards, Chioma Iwunze Ibiam. Ankara Press Author: Finding Love Again.
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