Friday, February 26, 2016

How Personal Experience Turns Into a Trilogy

I invited Shawn Simon to write a guest blog because I not only admire her for tackling a challenging subject, but also it shows how personal experience can lead to multiple books.

Shawn is a stepmom to two children she "inherited" from her marriage to her husband, Brian. Being a stepmom was more difficult than she anticipated, and her futile search for support from books and other stepmoms is what prompted her to write a trilogy for the blended family.

“My first book, "Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms," is due out later this year,” said. My second book, about and for stepdads, is written, but isn’t ready for publication. It still needs much editing, which I will start soon. Then, I’ll be writing the third book, about and for stepkids.”

Visit Shawn's website, You'll also find her here: Facebook: Stepmom Shawn Simon Says, and on Twitter: @shawnsimon44.

Shawn is a member of Internet Writing Workshop.

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