Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How Many Writers Are at Work in America?

When you wonder how many writers are at work in America a few minutes and read this December 2013 article written by Dominic Smith and published by MM The Millions.

The following are a few statistics in his article.
  • 2012 fiction books published with an ISBN: adult fiction 67,254; YYA and juvenile fiction 20,339
  • 2011 books published: traditionally published 347,178; self-published 235,000
  • 76 percent of all books released in 2008 were self-published
  • Roughly 50 percent of all fiction published (traditional or self-published) is a romance, mystery, sci-fi, or fantasy story
  • Approximately 185 U.S. institutions granting MFAs in fiction
  • 600-700 books received weekly by LA Times for review consideration
  • 197,768 self-reporting writers in 2009
  • 39 percent increase between 1990 and 2005 in the number of writers and authors.
The author's well researched and interesting article also concedes that "... the real answer is that no one knows exactly how many novelists are at work in America."