Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Market Information Recently Shared by Internet Writing Workshop Members

The following marketing information has been recently shared by successful Internet Writing Workshop authors.

The Literary Hatchet If you write "dark" fiction or poetry, defined very loosely, this seems to be a good place to send your work.  They respond promptly to your submission and they pay $10 when they say they will. What's more, since they publish out of New Zealand, if you get something accepted, you can call yourself a paid, international writer.

Big Pulp. 
If you write dark-ish genre stories, Big Pulp is a good site.

The Underground Book Review 
UBR reviews indy-published books only (self-pubbed or small-press, nothing affiliated with the "Big-5" including their vanity publishing subsidiaries).

Lady Lady is an online literary magazine for women, by women of all ages.

Young Ravens Literary Review: A Biannual Online Literary Journal, A Biannual Online Literary Journal

Mused -the BellaOnline Literary Review  Deadline Approaching for the 2016 Ebook Awards! Those must be in by Sat, Nov 20, 2016!!

Chicago Writers Association

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