Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why You Should Self Publish

Hugh Howey, Author of WOOL, wrote, "Remember that it's okay to write and publish just to make your self happy, to make yourself fulfilled. " Originally published in Indie Reader, the article was posted September 13, 2013 on Huffington Review's Blog, Huff Post Books. Hugh Howey's viewpoint offers convincing reasons for self publishing.

Carl Haywood also had valid reasons to self publish in 2008. First came his book, Sometimes Only Horses to Eat, published by Rockman's Trading Post Inc., Carl's privately held company in Thompson Falls, Montana. Since then, Carl published Lust For Dutchman's Gold.  His "bucket list" included three more books on that to-do list.
"Two have been completed and I am working on the last. I'm guessing it will take me a year to finish it. It is a historical novel of a little different cast that ties in with Thompson's first encounter with American trappers near Dixon in the spring of 1810," he said.

Bill Scurlock reviewed Sometimes Only Horses to Eat, in the March/April 2010 issue of MUZZLELOADER. He wrote,
"I enjoyed this book, and when I took it to deer camp last fall, I ended up selling 5 or 6 to folks at camp. There was a lot of campfire talk about this book throughout the season."
Because of Haywood's subjects, methinks both books will sell well into the future, and the books are  also available on Amazon.

Self publishing does make good sense for hundreds of writers, and often has value far beyond the monetary aspects.

I my case, now that "Behind These Mountains, Vols. I, II & III" are available on Amazon, I envision descendants of the more than a thousand people in my books, and others with family ties "finding" each other in a Facebook project that invites them to join family groups. The sticker is, I am not a Facebook user so I need a collaborator ~~ I can supply a list of indexed names, photographs from the homesteaders albums, and excerpts of their memories.

It excites me to think of people not only finding their ancestors, but also seeing how they lived, how they spoke, and knowing their thoughts and actions!

So, if you want to collaborate and do a Facebook project, or know someone with the necessary skills ~~ be in touch. [mtscribbler [@]

That would really validate my reasons for self-publishing!


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