Wednesday, January 11, 2017

URGENT: Help Vote Internet Writing Workshop to 1st Place in Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll

I just noticed that our Internet Writing Workshop has been entered in this year’s Preditors
 & Editors Reader’s Poll, and is currently in fourth place.  There are three days left to vote, and I think as a group we can do better than fourth. :)

Click here if you’d like to vote.

Scroll down, you’ll see the list (IWW is number 4).

After you vote and enter your name and email address, the spam
 control at the bottom will ask for the name of the author on the shown book
 cover.  Sometimes that’s hardly legible, but if you click on the cover, it
 will open in a different tab. 

Return to the poll and type the author's name.

After submitting your vote, you’ll be directed to a page indicating an email has been sent to your address, which requires a click on a link inside the email for final confirmation.

Help boost IWW to number one!