Thursday, March 17, 2011

The e-World and e-Zine Publishing

If you're looking for paying markets Media New Group publication might slip under your radar, and although payment may be minimal, editors have accepted reprints. Media New Group lists many publications, organized by states at Las Cruces Sun-News is a Media New Group publication. No submission guidelines that I could find, but NEWS team contacts are listed here,

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Access The World and Writer Your Way To $$$,
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Enjoy Montana history at its most intimate, sometimes barbaric, oftimes amazing, and always fascinating in Behind These Mountains,

Libraries, e-Books and Publishers

If you've never given any thought to the financial aspect of getting an e-Book from your library, now is a good time to tap into some of the behind-the-scenes dialogue that will affect your access to e-Books through libraries in the future.

Begin with this Publisher's Weekly article, The Happy Reader Equation: A Librarian on HarperCollins's E-Book Pricing Model, By Christopher Platt, and then follow the subject as it progresses,