Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lynne M. Hinkey's Latest Novel: The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Dogs and Demons

On the first of June, 2016, Lynne M. Hinkey's third novel, The Un-Familiar: A tale of Dogs and Demons, was released by independent publisher, Casperian Books.  It is the second book in her Chupacabra Trilogy.

Three years ago, I posted Lynne's guest blog, Partnerhip Publishing ~~ Is It Right For You?

Marina Melee, on Amazonwas released in 2011 by  Casperian Books.  
Lynne had recently signed a contract with Casperian for her second novel, Ye Gods!

Read what Bob Sanchez said on his blog  about Lynne Hinkley, who is a marine biologist, animal lover and nice person.

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