Sunday, September 6, 2009

Access The World And Write Your Way To $$$

In 1996, when our Montana telephone company first offered ISP and opened the door to the world, I bought a laptop with modem and gladly paid the extra fee for the service.

Our daugher gifted me with The Internet Directory, a massive phone-directory-sized paperback book. In it I found Internet Writing Workshop, and eargerly became a member of that list. Soon, the administrators invited me to join an invitation-only list called Market Chat; professional writers who also shared information about the business side of writing. The opportunity to learn writing from professionals online enriched and changed my life in ways beyond my wildest dreams.

Thus began my compilation of the best of web sites that provide free instruction, guidance, support and encouragement for writers, irregardless of whether they are beginners or experienced professionals. Throughout the years, professional writers have contributed expert articles that enhance the 21 chapters included in Access The World And Write Your Way To $$$; the ultimate writers online directory.

Revised and updated each year since, and even though I no longer live in Montana, this mass of material is e-mailed free to anyone who sends me a request at

Access The World And Write Your Way To $$$; the ultimate writers online directory is my way of giving back what writers gave to me -- help, support, inspiration and encouragement.

If you think it can help you, email your request to me today and I'll send the Introduction and Index. Free. There is no obligation other than responding, "Yes, please add me to your student roster" or "No thank you."

Mona Leeson Vanek, aka, Montana Scribbler