Sunday, December 4, 2016

How Being Interviewed on Speak Up Talk Radio Promotes Author Lynne M. Hinkey

 Recently, author, Lynne M. Hinkey, Marine Scientist, was interviewed on
Speak Up Talk Radio.

"The host, Pat Rullo, is great and easy to talk with," Lynne said. "The interview and an author page with my info will be available on the website for 1-year."
Lynne said she considers the $52 well spent, and thinks it's a valuable and valid promotion of her books. Her interview podcast is available now.

Lynne Hinkey uses experiences from her years living in the Caribbean to infuse her novels with a bit of tropical magic, from the siren call of the islands in Marina Melee to the hysteria and humor of the mysterious chupacabra in Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons and The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods.

Read more about this charming, intelligent author at her
website. Lynne is an active and valuable member of Internet Writing Workshop

Learn here how easily you, too, can be
interviewed for Speak Up TalkRadio. Check out the benefits and browse the website. Then use the Contact link.

Speak Up Talk Radio donates the $52 ($1 per week), to the Sewport Project, which sends handmade one of a kind pillowcases to troops overseas, homeless veteran shelters, women and children’s domestic abuse shelters. The Sewport Project is now also sending cage comforters to animal rescue shelters.

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