Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Exceptionally Useful Websites Shared by Writers

My contemporaries and fellow members on Internet Writing Workshop often share websites that are exceptionally usefull to writers. Rebecca provided the link to UNZ, , an incredibly useful research site containing hundreds of magazines, books, video and films. Magazine offerings begin with the Abolitionist and ends with Yank Magazine, and spans centuries. All issues are downloadable.

My find at UNZ was Foresters at Work at Munsey's Magazine. The 1910 feature story, mentioned by the daughter of the first US Forest Ranger on the Cabinet National Forest in northwestern Montana, provided important details I needed for my book, Behind These Mountains, Vol. I: People of the Shining Mountains Where The Clark's Fork River Churns. 

Shea Joy, a 19th century British specialist said, "Always remember to consult your librarian when you need help finding a publication. A local librarian may not be able to help you--though you may be surprised--but a university librarian surely can. ,When researching check wikipedia for information on your topic. It will often point you to a source for complete texts. Wikisource is a good starting place to search for old publications.

The Directory of Open Access Books also has items of interest. Mostly scholarly-level stuff too, college librarian, Charles P. Hobbs, said. States that provide free access to research databases such as EBSCO and Proquest. If you're interested, visit,  click on your state, and find out what is available to you ~~ free.  Meet Charles.

Need reviews of your book? The list of book bloggers on Bewitching Tours  is gigantic and, if you're looking for reviews for your novel, extremely helpful. Simply scroll down until you see the alphabetical list of bloggers.

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