Saturday, February 25, 2012

Benefit From Critiquing Other Non Fiction Writers

If you wonder whether or not to join a writing list that requires you to critique other writers I'm here to tell you the benefits are many!

In addition to receiving invaluable critiques of your own work, you learn a great deal by reading critiques given to many other writers.

By reading what other's have to say about a manuscript they critique you gain insights into how readers perceive what they read.

That in itself is a invaluable revelation! There is simply no better way to get into your potential reader's mind and learn how your words are construed.

Another perk is the variety of writing you encounter, especially if you join a nonfiction group such as IWW NonFiction. (Reach Administrators at

An additional benefit comes from the wide variety of offerings. Because two submissions I helped critique demonstrate vividly how your world can be broadened in ways you may never imagine, read these articles  as examples -- from Jenaki Lenin's informative and entertaining column, My Husband and Other Animals. and

I'm among the IWW NonFiction list members who regularly critique Janaki's submissions, and consequently, I get a peek into a world very very different from my own.

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