Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Calling All Writers

The Internet Writing Workshop is aggressively seeking members for the NFICTION list.

Gary Presley, IWW Ass't Administrator said,

"There was an IWW mention in WRITER'S DIGEST, and we admins are seeing new member applications increase as a result. But there's always a turnover, and it's important to keep "the word" circulating about the IWW. I am among the admins of the nonfiction (NFICTION) list, and I *know* that list isn't overpopulated.

Presley lives in Missouri and can be contacted via the Internet Writing Workshop.

"We ask that you "tweet," "blog," "Facebook," or <fill in the name of your favorite social media here> the word about our great volunteer group. Be sure to mention the IWW website <> because that's the gateway to the application process.

 "As we say down in the hill country, '"Thanks 'til you're better paid."'
In addition to Nonfiction, IWW critiquing lists include:
Fiction, Lovestory, Nonfiction, Novels, Poetry, Practice, Prose/Flash-fiction, Script-writing, Child/Young adult .

The IWW also includes discussion lists: Writing, Creative Nonfiction, MarketChat, and SFChatAlso, The IWW Blog Writing Advice .

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