Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Need to Buy a Kindle or Nook to Read e-Books

Some of you probably already know this, but I feel sure some don't:  You can read e-books on your computer.

Do an online search for "Kindle for PC," and the top find will be a page from which you can easily download a program that lets you read books bought for the Kindle on your PC.

The same option exists for Apple computers, and for various mobile equipment.

Just download the program and then go to Amazon and buy an e-book.

I did that for my laptop, but you can also download "Kindle for Apple" for a Macbook. You can do the same thing with any e-book available for Nook.

Once you own the book, you can read it on any computer you own, and even relax in a recliner and read books on a laptop.

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