Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From e-Book Manuscript to Publication

Some days being supportive to other writers leads to exceptionally useful writing information. I often send my congratulations to a Yahoo published on my favorite writing list, the Internet Writing Workshop list (, I make it a practice, in addition to reading the stories online at a web site the author includes, to also check the websites the author includes with their signature.

Virginia Winter's Yahoo is a prime example. While checking out a signature link contained  in Virginia Winter's Yahoo,, I discovered Write Words Inc. There, my curiosity took me to the Site Map, which led me to Submission Guidelines, where I scrolled down to THE RULES,, and discovered great detailed information about the e-book publishing process --- what, how and why -- for manuscript preparation and what happens in the publishing process. ie: galleys, .pdfs and such. Helpful information.

Since Virginia hadn't included a link to her story, I searched the publication she included, and was able to enjoy her story, too. Virginia Winter's Homicide in Haliburton, is here at Pine Tree Mysteries,

Virginia Winters' The Facepainter Murders is available at and

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