Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Interview Freelance Editors Before Making Your Commitment

In her guest blog, editor and author, Jeannette de Beauvoir, gives the following advice.
"My recommendation is to "interview" three editors. This is a special and important relationship. Many of us editors do offer a sample edit of a page or two along with comments about the manuscript in general.

"I do two passes; other editors vary in their process. Choose three, ask them questions about how they'd work with you, if they've edited in your genre before, etc., etc.

"You can generally find a plethora of great candidates through the
Editorial Freelancers Association. You can post your project there and then see who seems to be the right editor for you. That's a lot less anecdotal and hit-or-miss than other ways of finding someone."

Jeannette is a long-time member of Internet Writing Workshop.

Jeannette de Beauvoir writes mystery, historical, and general fiction; her  novels. Read more about her work on Goodreads, her Amazon author page, Facebook, and her website. She offers editing services through CustomlineWordware and is the founder and director of the Cape Cod Writing Workshops.

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