Sunday, September 13, 2015

Insights Into Earning Steady Paychecks Doing Magazine Content Writing

Successful content writer, founder of The Conservative Fiction Project, and Senior Editor, Liberty Island Media, Jamie Wilson, shares her expertise on today’s content writing opportunities.

“One of the biggest changes that content writing has afforded freelancers is the luxury of a reasonably steady paycheck. My current favorite gig, CrowdSource, provides consistent multiple projects which are lower paid compared to many freelance jobs - but they don't require much in the line of research, and writers can skip the hard speculative work of queries." 

She recently started a new gig at PJ Media.

"A freelancer just getting started can support himself or herself on jobs like this while querying for better-paid and higher-profile work. It's been a game-changer. 

Content marketing is all advertising if and only if you consider everything broadcast on network television, including your favorite shows, to be advertising. It is designed to be clickbait, drawing readers - but in order to do that properly, it also has to be engaging content in and of itself, not just content that says "click the ads." Just like any newspaper or magazine content, web content needs to a) provide something of value to the reader and b) make money. The key to not being a hack is understanding the balance between the two - and sites that balance these two things properly are the ones that are most successful at both.

Journalism is indeed about information provided to an audience - but more and more, that audience is unwilling to pay directly for that information as they find more ways to acquire it for free. For that reason, journalism has been borrowing more heavily from content marketing techniques as the years go on, just in order to remain viable. 
Examples would include USA Today's very large content program and the San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate website, which is primarily what you might term content marketing. I know that's about clear as mud, but so is the demarcation between content marketing and journalism today.

Freelancers make good money doing content writing and editing - but they aren't hacks.

Just like any other writing segment, there are tiers of expertise, and I've been fortunate enough to meet some of the best,” Jamie says.
 A Navy wife and the mother of five children, she is also the sister of a war hero.

“I am the founder of The Conservative Fiction Project, which helps conservative writers find one another and a wider audience. I work with Liberty Island Media, the first overtly conservative fiction publisher. I have always read stories and told stories, and I will always be a storyteller," Jamie says.
Read Jamie Wilson’s stories, The Biscuit Boy and The Enforcement of Happiness, at Liberty Island.

Read her website and blogs, Conserative Fiction, and Conservative Feminism.


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