Monday, October 21, 2013

What You Should Keep in Mind While Finding an Agent

You're finally ready to think about getting an agent. Whether you've received recommendations, met one or more agents at writer's conference, or are completely clueless, as I was before I earned the title of "author"  there are things you should know.
 Author Link  is an excellent website where you can learn a great deal about the publishing industry, and you'll find a link to literary agents under Author Resources. Each listed agent supplies detailed information about their services, free.
Writers researching for an agent for the first time won't go wrong by checking to learn if the agent they're considering is a member of the Association of Authors's Representatives . Membership means  the agent is aware of a professional code of ethics. However, non-membership certainly doesn't imply an agent isn't ethical, dedicated to their clients, and perfectly suitable in every other way.

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