Sunday, January 27, 2013

Les Dunham Rebuts Angela Hoy's Book Market Analysis

Les Dunham offers his rebuttal to my previous post , based on Angela Hoy's statement that 75% of book readers do not use electronic devices.

Les responded, "I'm sure Angela has some points, but as someone else pointed out the 75% who don't own an e-reader includes a lot who don't read at all.

"Here in the U.S., the National Assessment of Adult Literacy indicates that over 20% of adults are functionally illiterate, and another 20% are barely literate, according to Wikipedia .

"This suggests that only about 60% of the population is likely to do any significant amount of reading, and if all of those with e-readers are in that 60%, about 40% of readers have access to e-books.

"Angela's anecdote about her Dad, who reads, but not e-books, is just one person. I can supply a counter to that: my own reading habits.

"I'm several years older than Angela's Dad, but not retired and with no significant health issues. Since June I have been keeping a log of the books I've read. In that time I have read 21 books, all except three of them novels, mostly from the 19th century, though including three first published within the last five years. This has been a total of over 6,000 pages of reading.

"Only four of these books were actual paper books. All the others I read on my Nook. I am currently reading three books, two paper and one electronic.

"On the other hand, I have also read nearly two hundred newspapers and perhaps twenty  or thirty magazines in this time period, none of them electronically, and hundreds of websites, all of them electronically.

"So for books, about 80% of my reading is electronic. For other reading, perhaps 50%."

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