Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Libraries and eBook Lending Facts

Confederate Warbonnet author, Jack Shakely, Gold medal winner- 2009 IPPY Book of the Year Award in historical/military fiction, shares his views about libraries and ebook lending.
"I am a reviewer for ForeWord Review  magazine. ForeWord's primary readership is librarians. Did you know there are more than 16,000 public libraries in the US? 16,000 public libraries with book  budgets (admittedly smaller than in the old days, but still there). Add to these  the more than 2,000 university libraries, and you've got a mighty potential  constituency.
ForeWord Review is chock-a-block with advertising. Every  single ad is from
a publisher. Publishers don't hate libraries; they adore them as ready-made markets. If only half the libraries in the country buy one copy of  your book, you'll not only make a lot of money, your book will probably show up on a few best seller lists.

Long live libraries. Long live publishers. Long live books.  Viva yo." 

Jack  Shakely

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