Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Promotional Power of Good Deeds

An excellent example of how good deeds can be used to exponentiate good news on the Internet can be seen in the following article which appeared on The North Palouse Washington e-Newscast.

It's always a pleasure to hear that good deeds are appreciated. Sue Ellis, who allowed her memories of being a Palouse-area rural mail route carrier to be reprinted, sent a Yahoo to Internet Writers Workshop, a premire writers list. Not only is that certainly an accolade your editor truly treasures, a Yahoo online spreads the word around the world via the Internet, and IWW publishes member's successes (Yahoos).

It's always my pleasure to promote local area writers, as well as fine books. And since book reviews help buyers select good books readers appreciate The Internet Review of Books when searching them out.

Congratulations and thanks to all IWW members who post Yahoos, and members who write excellent reviews for IRB.

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