Monday, May 30, 2011

"Marina Mellee" by Lynne Hinkey Debuts June 1, 2011

Charleston, NC author, Lynne Hinkey, debuts new novel, Marina Melee.

Hinkey has always had an affinity for life on the water. In a marina in a port of call there is a culture and cast of characters that rivals any subculture in the United States or elsewhere. Hinkey used this setting as the basis of her new novel.

Marina Melee is set to be released June 1 by Casperian Books publishing company. To order a copy, go to, or at

West Ashley's Newspaper {West Of} announced Marina Melee in a review at,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Need to Buy a Kindle or Nook to Read e-Books

Some of you probably already know this, but I feel sure some don't:  You can read e-books on your computer.

Do an online search for "Kindle for PC," and the top find will be a page from which you can easily download a program that lets you read books bought for the Kindle on your PC.

The same option exists for Apple computers, and for various mobile equipment.

Just download the program and then go to Amazon and buy an e-book.

I did that for my laptop, but you can also download "Kindle for Apple" for a Macbook. You can do the same thing with any e-book available for Nook.

Once you own the book, you can read it on any computer you own, and even relax in a recliner and read books on a laptop.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Blog Book Tour

The virtual Blog Book Tour has been around for several years. Basically, a Blog Book Tour is a blog where avid book readers can locate blogs written by their favorite published authors.

But there's much to learn about blog book tour before setting out on that path. First of all, the number one goal is not to increase your book sales. To learn what you need to know, study at the following websites:

Alyice Edrich, The Dabbling Mum,

Guest blog, Virtual Blog Tours -- The lastest Innovation for Promoting Your Writing, by Mary Emma Allen at Growing Your Business,

Read all the way throughThe Quickest Blog BookTour Ever, at SQUIDOO outskirtspress,

Monday, May 16, 2011

NYT on Upcoming

A new website on the horizon,, apparently intends to provide information for all things literary.

David Shanks, the chief executive of Penguin, said of, a new publishing house cooperative venture,
“With the purpose of answering the question for the consumer, ‘Which book should I read next?"
Expectations are that the site will become to readers what is to music lovers seeking reviews and information.

In search of a solution to changes in marketing from physical buildings to Internet options, three major publishers, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group USA and Hachette Book Group, are creating the new venture called, expected to debut late this summer.
According to an article written by Julie Bosmanin and published in the New York Times,,
"The site intends to provide information for all things literary: suggestions on what books to buy, reviews of books, excerpts from books and news about authors. Visitors will also be able to buy books directly from the site or from other retailers and write recommendations and reviews for other readers."