Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 Okanagan Valley Writers Festival

Elma Schemenauer will present workshops at the Okanagan Valley Writers Festival, April 9-7, 2017, in Penticton, British Columbia.

Her novel, Consider the Sunflowers, is a 1940s-era Saskatchewan Mennonite novel .

Elma Schemenauer

YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure, her latest novel published in 2017, is a book of historical short stories.
Visit Elma's website to learn more about this entertaining author. Her books website provides details about the contents of each book.

"Elma Mary from the Prairie" spins tales of history, adventure, Mennonites, faith, fiction, non-fiction, community, travel, and more.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Where to get Your Writing Critiqued

"All writers, whatever their experience and expertise, need their articles and books critiqued, particularly by published writers and editors. The Non-Fiction members on Internet Writing Workshop are knowledgeable and thorough critiquers who significantly improve the style and substance of member's articles, memoirs, books and online content writing. Their camaraderie makes the reciprocal arrangement of submitting writing and critiquing others writing pleasant and fulfilling for members.

Dozens of writers became successful since joining IWW's Non-Fiction, a FREE on-line list. The following authors and writers are examples of the dozens who credit their success to IWW: Gary Presley, Diane Diekman, Jack Shakely, Sheri McGregor, Janaki Lenin, Tracy Foote, Sarah Morgan, Charles P. Hobbs, and Tim Elhajj.

Diane Diekman says, '"I subbed the four books below as manuscripts, one chapter at a time, before rewriting and publishing them. They are much better than they would have been without the advice of NFiction members.

Twentieth Century Drifter: The Life of Marty Robbins
Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story
Navy Greenshirt: A Leader Made, Not Born
A Farm in the Hidewood: My South Dakota Home

Peggy Vincent says, "I sold "Baby Catcher Chronicles of a Modern Midwife"for $100,000 to Scribners in 2001, and it never would have happened without the Non-Fiction members on IWW, whose critiques made me a better writer." It's available in softback and hardback at Amazon.

Carol Newman published her Kindle edition of The Road to Anywhere But Here. "Thanks to the tremendous feedback I received on IWW Non-Fiction, I tightened, pruned, and expanded some areas. Then I entered the Writer's Digest E-book contest. WD gave me a 5 rating in Structure, Organization, Pacing, Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar, Plot and Story, Appeal, Character Appeal and Development, Voice and Writing Style, and only one point lower in Production Quality and Cover Design. I also received an excellent review. IWW Non-Fiction group is a valuable resource. Thanks to the members' excellent help.

Paul Fein, author of "Tennis Confidential" and "Tennis's Most Wanted" says, "I've received about half of my 40 writing awards since joining IWW in 2005. My work has been published around the world in tennis and sports magazines. I truly appreciate all that IWW members have done for me with their very helpful critiques, and I try my utmost to reciprocate by critiquing as well as and as often as I can.

"Thanks to members of IWW Non-Fiction, my article about Rafael Nadal received Honorable Mention in the nonfiction category of Writer's Digest annual writing competition.

Dozens of other Non-Fiction members like Cathy Moser, Judith Stock, Paul Pekin, and June Gallant publish in magazines, newspapers, and at a vast variety of e-publications.

Join Non-Fiction today: Internet Writing Workshop

Mona Vanek, Montana Scribbler, IWW Non-Fiction member, and author of "Behind These Mountains, Vols. I, II and III" 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Lynne Hinkey Succeeds at Selling Short Stories

Lynne M. Hinkey, author and marine scientist and long-time member of Internet Writing Workshop [IWW], says, "Different publications have different submission timelines. Some accept continuously, some list the themes of upcoming issues and ask you only submit stories meeting the theme, others have specific query/submission periods based on publication times (monthly, quarterly, annually, biennial)."

She keeps a list of publications based on the yahoos posted on IWW that have exposed her to markets and publications she might never have found otherwise.

Hinkey said, "One of IWWs most successful short story writers is probably Wayne Scheer." She suggests joining IWW so you, too, can keep a look out for his yahoos to get your own list started.

Hinkey also said, "Of course, we have Google which can be a writer's best friend if used well. I just searched for 'publications for short stories.' That came back with 4,310,000 results. The first 3 are:

1. Short Story Magazines: Where to Submit Short Stories: 25 Magazines and Online Publications (

2. How and where) to Get a Short Story Published (

3. 46 Literary Magazines to Submit to. (

IWW Yahoos and Google are how she's found homes for the short stories she's had published. She's been paid for about 1/2 of them.

Hinkey also says, "Rejections can be helpful. Almost every successful writer out there has a story about how many hundreds of rejections they received first.

"Rejections can tell us either we, as a writer, or our story, isn't quite ready. I think it was someone on IWW who posted---way back when  I joined in 2005 or 6--that until you've written a million words (that  have been tucked in a drawer, only shared with family and friends, or  rejected) you aren't ready to be published.

"On that bit of advice that stuck with me, I have 3 novels tucked away in drawers that never saw the light of day. (OK, I did share one--I'm embarrassed to say now--with a few friends. It deserved to stay in the drawer.)

"I just Googled that bit of advice (Google search: "Write one million words before publishing") and got a number of interesting articles.

"That's not to say you or any of us aren't ready to be published, only  an interesting item I picked up on the IWW list that's stayed with me all this time.)

Good luck!"

               Lynne M. Hinkey
Author, Marine Scientist, Curmudgeon

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Enjoy "Journeyman" by Judith Quaempts in Young Ravens Literary Review

You'll find Judith's story, Journeyman, in the winter issue of Young Ravens Literary Review. Scroll to Fiction. Judith Kelly Quaempts has been a member of Internet Writing Workshop for many years.

Judith's novels are available on Amazon. They include A Place Called Winter and A Creek Named Sorrow. 

Learn more about Judith in her guest blog post.

Announcements of members successes are posted weekly on IWW's blogspot. Members of IWW, which includes several genres in addition to Nonfiction, also post the news to their social media.
Become a better writer and gain success like Judith by joining Internet Writing Workshop today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

URGENT: Help Vote Internet Writing Workshop to 1st Place in Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll

I just noticed that our Internet Writing Workshop has been entered in this year’s Preditors
 & Editors Reader’s Poll, and is currently in fourth place.  There are three days left to vote, and I think as a group we can do better than fourth. :)

Click here if you’d like to vote.  http://critters.org/predpoll/writerws.shtml

Scroll down, you’ll see the list (IWW is number 4).

After you vote and enter your name and email address, the spam
 control at the bottom will ask for the name of the author on the shown book
 cover.  Sometimes that’s hardly legible, but if you click on the cover, it
 will open in a different tab. 

Return to the poll and type the author's name.

After submitting your vote, you’ll be directed to a page indicating an email has been sent to your address, which requires a click on a link inside the email for final confirmation.

Help boost IWW to number one!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Think out of the Box and Sell Your Writing Around the World

It's important to think "out of the box" when looking for ways to keep your writing circling the globe. My own surprising experience is an example.

Let me tell you how unexpectedly far-reaching my research and writing became happened. As many of my readers know, worldwide recognition of my regional Montana history,
Behind These Mountains, Vol. I, II, and III, first began in 2003, when I posted the trilogy on a website I created to share Montanans' turn of the century histories and photographs from their private albums, free. I didn't want the history of those remarkable people to be forgotten.

I had no inkling that 13-years-later I'd receive an email from Brita Olson, Coordinator for the
Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group (LCFWG) and worldwide recognition would increase substantially.

LCFWG is an "umbrella" organization that connects watershed councils, agencies, and corporate partners working on collaborative watershed restoration efforts through the lower Clark Fork River and its tributaries. The
lower Clark Fork watershed is defined from the Clark Fork River's confluence with the Flathead River downstream to Lake Pend Oreille.

LCFWG sought permission to use historical photographs from my books in a 2017 calendar they envisioned to promote the group's work. Subsequently, Brita selected 84 pictures, wrote copy for each calendar page, hired a graphic designer, and when the draft calendar was ready, sent a copy to me. My contribution to the project was a little editing plus a suggestion to exclude two of the images.

In addition to paying me licensing fees for non-exclusive one-time rights for each image, LCFWG invited me to write a paragraph for the calendar to promote my books ~ an invaluable perk.

I imagine the calendar will be one of those "keepers" that no one throws away simply because of the captivating, rare, photographs. Six hundred 2017 Bull River Valley
calendars were printed.The'll be mailed only to residents with a Noxon address, in Sanders County, Montana.  Collector statistics indicate those will become doubly collectible in time.

I learned about the increased international recognition from comments left on LCFWG's website where the 2017 B&W calendar can be downloaded free.

When I was editing the original 1st edition softcover books published by the Statesman-Examiner in Colfax, Wash., during 1986 and 1991, IWW Nonfiction members skillfully critiqued every word to create a more professional, newer digital edition. When the manuscript was ready, members of other genres on IWW coached me through the process of converting the trilogy to digital Kindle 1st editions.

To promote the calendar and the Kindle and PDF editions of my books, I announced the sale on the on the
Internet Writing Workshop. The announcement was then also posted on IWW's blogspot. Members of IWW, which includes several genres in addition to Nonfiction, also post the news to their social media.

It's not only heart warming to know promotion keeps increasing through friend's, family, and writers' social media, those special, invaluable congratulations rewards that writers cherish continue to arrive.

Think "out of the box" and keep your writing accessible worldwide.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Writers Benefit from Internet Writing Workshop's Blogspot

The Internet Writing Workshop has monitored critique groups for fiction, nonfiction, novels, romance, short prose, poetry, scriptwriting, and practice writing.
Each have participation requirements.
The IWW also has groups discussing the art and craft of writing in general, creative nonfiction, speculative fiction, and marketing.
The IWW is a cooperative. Membership is FREE.

At the IWW blogspot, check especially each Topic in the right-hand panel.